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Online Event - Introduction to Essential Oils

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Want to learn about essential oils from the comfort of your own home? If YES, then this session is for you.

Join me as I guide you through a 60 minute workshop on how essential oils can improve your emotions and moods, support your physical health and create a healthy home environment by ditching synthetic products. 

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest & purest essential oils available today and you will get to experience them in a relaxed calm environment.

Learn how you can simply and effectively:

  • Support your physical health.

  • How to reduce toxins in your home

  • Support healthier, stronger bodies

  • Help protect yourself and your family from seasonal illness

  • Support your emotional wellbeing (calm kids, chilled Mum = Happy Family!)

You'll learn the answers to these questions:

  • What are essential oils?

  • How do I use them?

  • What can I use them for?

What you might may not be aware of, is that:

  • Peppermint oil supports digestion, calms the tummy, is an instant pick-me-up, soothes sunburn, eases head tension and takes a hot chocolate to the next LEVEL.

  • Lemon oil is one of nature's most powerful cleansers and is a must in every home wanting to ditch toxic cleaning products. It increases focus, cleanses our body from the inside out AND lifts our emotional state.

  • Frankincense oil revitalises the appearance of the skin and helps reduce the appearance of imperfections, calms and soothes our emotions while fortifying every system in our physical body.

  • Lavender oil promotes restful sleep, soothes stress, works wonders at nourishing our skin and 

You will need to pre-register for this event here:

Looking forward to seeing you!