The 5 C's

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The 5 C's

Hello there!

I shared these words with my fellow doTERRA business builders but I think it relates to every aspect of life so am sharing it here too.

Committed - Capable - Community - Communicative - Collaborative

I've had this on my heart for a little while now but it took reading a book on good horsemanship (specifically a section on the relationship between person and horse) for me to get it OUT. I think it relates beautifully to a doTERRA business

You need to give to your business before you can ask for something back, and that process starts with you - how you think, how you act, the questions you ask yourself and how you show up in your business. Giving to your business starts when you are ready to ask yourself a few questions.*

Am I committed? Will you show up every single day, delivering your energy and focus to your community by sharing how incredible these oils are? By pushing through your fear of rejection and failure to invite people to learn more about a tool that can transform the health and wellbeing of their family. Will you show up when it isn't convenient? When it feels hard? Will you continue to invite, inspire, educate and support even when you receive five 'no's' in a row or when nobody comments or engages in your content?

And equally important, are you 200% committed to doing the personal development that is required to lead a community of people to better health? To lift up the hood of your inner workings and evaluate long held personality traits and behaviours that are holding you back from reaching your potential.

Am I capable? Do you have the skills required to run a business? Are you organised? Can you confidently talk to strangers about oils and how to use them? Do you have sales experience? Are you using your oils in every facet of your life so that you can draw on your own personal experiences when educating others - this is powerful. If you are lacking in some of these areas, are you committed to up-skilling?

Am I community focused? The doTERRA culture is one that is built on service. Are your actions rooted in service? How and what can you do to embody this culture? How do you serve your doTERRA community? How do you serve your wider community? It's very difficult to pour from an empty cup so service starts with each of us. How are we serving and nourishing ourselves each day in order to be able to fully give to those around us.

Am I communicative? Do you ask for help? Your upline and downline are not mind readers nor is your business their responsibility. Each of us are the captains of our doTERRA ship and it is up to us to recognise areas we need support in. My mum always said to us as kids "you don't ask, you don't get". Every single doTERRA leader I have ever approached for support has been incredibly generous with their time because all of them love helping other women rise which brings me to my next point.

Am I collaborative? Now I totally get that some people work better alone but the beautiful thing about the doTERRA model is that communities FIRE when people work together, towards a common goal. The connection with other women all united in lifting others up, determined to make a difference in the lives of others is like nothing I have ever experienced. Be open to working with others. Be a GIVER. Give your community your focus, energy and time. Love on your downline, cross line and upline. Do all of this not to receive anything in return but to experience the joy of helping someone else and then watch what happens. This has been the greatest lesson my business has gifted me.

These 5 traits, their presence or lack of presence can have a massive impact in the growth and stability of your business. If you are missing a few of these vital ingredients your business will give you very little in return and when that happens, it is easy to look to the external and find one hundred other reasons why you are stuck.

When this happens, and it will because it happens to everyone (myself included, multiple times and will keep on happening!) it is important to make a massive effort to get out of your own way, push your shit to one side and go back to service. How can you better serve your community? Every single home needs access to essential oils. We have so much work to do. The greatest gift you can give to those around you is to start shouting from the rooftops how bloody amazing these oils are.

Use your oils, lead the way, speak from the heart and when you stumble, pick yourself up and start it all over again. Be committed, be consistent, serve your community and be open to the gifts that those things will ultimately give you.

xx Kate

*Through The Eyes of The Horse Book, by Carlos Tabernaberri

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Dream - Plan - Action - Growth


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt

Our recent trip back to London and Paris stirred up quite a bit of emotion for me. It got me reflecting about my 22 year old self, the woman I am today and the woman I want to be in the future. My time living in London was formative in many ways and shaped who I am today but the experience could have very easily not occurred. I remember sitting with a mate after we had finished our final school exams (of which I failed miserably) hunched over an atlas and dreaming about all the travel we would do but we both got jobs, life happened and my "dream" was just that.

Fast forward five years, I was sitting at work and had a crystal clear moment of realisation that if I continued on this path, I would be in the exact same spot in ten years time. That thought scared the absolute pants off me. Within three weeks I had left Sydney, with a fair amount of criticism from those close to me, landed in London not knowing anyone and without a job. In hindsight, my decision to move to the UK was an impulsive one but at the time, I knew it was the right one.

What I've been ruminating on is where would I be today if that experience had remained a dream? How would my life look? Would I be happy? What sort of a person would I be?

I know for a fact I wouldn't be the Kate I am today without throwing caution to the wind and turning that travel dream into action but even with that experience under my belt, I have spent much of my adult life being held back by fear. Fear of "failure" and an unwillingness to stick it out in the challenging/uncomfortable zone, quitting before I even began. This aspect of my personality, my habitual (and very much unconscious) thoughts and behaviour patterns are something I am now HYPER aware of. I cannot expect a different outcome if I continue to travel down the same path.

I want my future self to be one who can overcome all that. I want to see my big dreams translate into even bigger action, even if it means doing stuff I find uncomfortable, challenging and confronting. I know that it's in this zone where all the juicy stuff is waiting.

Dream - Plan - Action - Growth

Resources I've been diving into

What are you going after?

xx K

Change, Habits, Growth

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I popped to the hair dresser last week, arrived home and sweet Alfie said "oh Mum, you look so beautiful". Maddie took one look at me and giggled. Jason said "bloody hell, are you trying to impersonate Kim Jong-un?". I gave a giant eye-roll, flopped on the lounge where Alfie proclaimed "You can't please everyone, Mum. As long as you like it*, that's what counts." Alfie is a great listener.

That little exchange was a great reminder for me, especially as we head into the final half of 2019. I've been reflecting on the last six months, wondering if the things I am spending my time on are fulfilling? Are my actions moving me closer to or further away from my goals? What relationships are giving me joy and meaning?

This reflective work is something I've always kind of done but this year, it's been happening in more of a structured way. At the end of each quarter, with those questions in mind, I jot down all of the things that have caught my attention, kind of like my "wish list of things to do", then I pick three things that I feel are the most important things for me to focus on. This shapes my actions for the quarter. This may sound anal but ever since Jason's health scare, I have been hyper aware of the fragility of life. I do not want to waste a second, it is all too easy to let time whizz by.

Quarter three will see me start my aromatherapist training, nurture the relationships that are important to me, give my time to two organisations hear (MINDS and Riding for the Disabled) and do some physical work on my body. I know...that's four things BUT you should have seen my list!

Our habits (of which 45% happen unconsciously) drive our routine and our routine charts the course of our life. How is your routine serving you? What changes do you need to make in order to life a more fulfilled, meaningful life. The kind of life that rings your bell loud.

One thing I know for sure is change is hard. We are creatures of habit, our brain loves to play it safe so know that doing something new, carving out new patterns is going to feel uncomfortable but it's in that sticky zone where all the good stuff is. Lean into that.

In my ears - The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John C Maxwell
Chatting to - Pharmacist and doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Chantel Gough
If you would like an oily refresher, watch this.

Oily blend I am loving at the moment - Cardamom and Whisper. Diffuse equal drops of each or make up a roller and wear it as a toxic free PURE-fume. Delicious.

Much love xx

*Let's actually pretend for a minute that said haircut wasn't the worst I've had in a long time 😂

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