What's stopping you?


Did you know only 2% of Australian homes have a doTERRA wholesale customer account? I have a pretty good idea why that's the case but a few weeks ago I asked my insta community what were the reasons holding them back from tooling up with essential oils.

The top 3 reasons 💥Cost, time and to a lesser degree, the business model 💥

Let me break it down for you….

1. Cost - I totally get this. I also understand how difficult it is for people to grasp the true power and versatility of doTERRA essential oils when they have never tried them. You get such massive bang for your buck when it comes to these oils because they can support so many different areas (check out my posts here or my insta feed for more on this). You will save money by using essential oils. I've done multiple cost comparisons for my oily community, the sums don’t lie - $1 for a DIY all purpose spray v’s $3.60 for a store bought option.

2. Time - yup, we are all "busy" but we also have the same 24 hours in each day. There are generally two fixed commitments that you will have trouble flexing...work and family. Everything else = discretionary. Do a time log for 3 days and see where your time is going…socials? Netflix? What are your priorities? Let me tell you something I know for sure...no one has the time or the funds for chronic illness.

3. Business model - Becoming a doTERRA customer means you have to build a business. Nope! There is no big bad oily madwoman rubber arming you into anything. People who want to build a biz, do so because THEY want to. 95% of my oily family are oily customers who LOVE their oils and experience their super powers daily.

If you can hand on heart say you are 100% happy and content with your physical and emotional wellbeing…well, I’d like to know your secret! The truth is, each of us are responsible for our emotional and physical wellbeing and it requires love, care, attention and "work". When I feel at ease in my body and am happy in my thoughts, every aspect of my life benefits.

Essential oils are one tool that I use daily to ensure I am operating at my best. If you are ready to learn more please check the ‘essential oil’ and ‘workshop’ page of this website. Alternatively, drop me an email and I will be happy to chat xx

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