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I popped to the hair dresser last week, arrived home and sweet Alfie said "oh Mum, you look so beautiful". Maddie took one look at me and giggled. Jason said "bloody hell, are you trying to impersonate Kim Jong-un?". I gave a giant eye-roll, flopped on the lounge where Alfie proclaimed "You can't please everyone, Mum. As long as you like it*, that's what counts." Alfie is a great listener.

That little exchange was a great reminder for me, especially as we head into the final half of 2019. I've been reflecting on the last six months, wondering if the things I am spending my time on are fulfilling? Are my actions moving me closer to or further away from my goals? What relationships are giving me joy and meaning?

This reflective work is something I've always kind of done but this year, it's been happening in more of a structured way. At the end of each quarter, with those questions in mind, I jot down all of the things that have caught my attention, kind of like my "wish list of things to do", then I pick three things that I feel are the most important things for me to focus on. This shapes my actions for the quarter. This may sound anal but ever since Jason's health scare, I have been hyper aware of the fragility of life. I do not want to waste a second, it is all too easy to let time whizz by.

Quarter three will see me start my aromatherapist training, nurture the relationships that are important to me, give my time to two organisations hear (MINDS and Riding for the Disabled) and do some physical work on my body. I know...that's four things BUT you should have seen my list!

Our habits (of which 45% happen unconsciously) drive our routine and our routine charts the course of our life. How is your routine serving you? What changes do you need to make in order to life a more fulfilled, meaningful life. The kind of life that rings your bell loud.

One thing I know for sure is change is hard. We are creatures of habit, our brain loves to play it safe so know that doing something new, carving out new patterns is going to feel uncomfortable but it's in that sticky zone where all the good stuff is. Lean into that.

In my ears - The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John C Maxwell
Chatting to - Pharmacist and doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Chantel Gough
If you would like an oily refresher, watch this.

Oily blend I am loving at the moment - Cardamom and Whisper. Diffuse equal drops of each or make up a roller and wear it as a toxic free PURE-fume. Delicious.

Much love xx

*Let's actually pretend for a minute that said haircut wasn't the worst I've had in a long time πŸ˜‚

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