Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oils Collective Kate Dixon Doterra

When people think of essential oils, arguably the first one that springs to mind is lavender. With a distinct aroma and countless applications, Lavender has been used for centuries. The ancient Romans and Egyptians would use Lavender as perfume and for bathing and cooking. Since that time, many have discovered the myriad benefits that Lavender holds—using Lavender oil topically for skin, internally to ease feelings of tension and promote restful sleep, and more. You can read more about the benefits of doTERRA Lavender here.

The versatile properties of Lavender essential oil make it a personal favourite, it is an oil that I use on a daily basis.

  • I love diffusing Lavender with Frankincense about half an hour before the kids are due to go to bed. Five drops of Lavender and two drops of Frankincense is a good ratio for an average size lounge room.

  • Make up some 10 ml roller bottles for the small people in your life. My two are age 9 and 11 (please check the dilution calculator whenever using oils on babies, children or pregnant women)  and love using these on their wrists and soles of their feet at bedtime - 10 drops of Lavender and 4 drops of Easy Air, then top with fractionated coconut oil.

  • A soothing and calming oil that I have been using as a pregnancy rub for the ever expanding bump. In a 60ml amber bottle, use 18 drops of Lavender and 6 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oils, top with a carrier oil of your choice. I prefer sweet almond oil or rosehip oil for extra nourishment.

  • A magnesium bath soak is the perfect way to soothe sore muscles and unwind after a stressful day. 1 cup of magnesium flakes with 4 drops of Lavender EO and 2 drops of Lemon EO (general rule of thumb is one cup of flakes to 6 drops of essential oil). Store and use 1/4 cup per bath.

You can find Lavender in the doTERRA Home Essentials Kit or purchase it individually. If you would like to find out how you can obtain doTERRA essential oils at wholesale prices, please check the ‘essential oil’ and ‘events’ page of this website. Alternatively, drop me an email and I will be happy to chat xx

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