Hospital Bag Essentials

Essential Oils Collective Kate Dixon Doterra

Given I had Maddie at 37 weeks and Alfie at 31 weeks, I've had my hospital bag packed for the last two months. Tuesday is the big day for our latest arrival and it seems he is going to go the distance when it comes to cooking. All that worry and anxiety around having a pre term baby has come to naught. So much stress is created both mentally and physically worrying about things we have very little control over - another reminder for me about the importance of being a little more in the 'here and now'.

Anyway, I digress. Essential oils have been such a huge support to being during this pregnancy and I am now focusing on how they can support me during the newborn haze/daze. I'll be taking the following oils and a diffuser into hospital with me and here is why:

  • Diffuser - the safest way to experience the therapeutic benefits of the oils is through diffusing. I'll be in a shared room so will only use a drop or two.

  • Lavender - calming and soothing. I'll be blending lavender with frankincense, just a drop of each in the diffuser to create a calm and relaxed vibe 

  • Frankincense - every home should have a bottle of Frankincense! Often referred to as the 'king of oils', Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically.

  • Balance - this is one of my favourite blends. A grounding blend of oils that really take the edge off when I feel a little wound up. I'll pop a drop on the soles of my feet throughout the day.

  • Wild Orange - instant uplifter and antibacterial powerhouse. I'll place a drop on my mits to keep my hands squeaky clean and also combine it with some Frankincense when I am need of re-energising.

If you would like to learn more about how essential oils can support you and your family, I have a few intro workshops planned throughout November. You can find the details here:

In these classes we will cover the ten most popular oils to support your physical and emotional wellbeing. I will show you how to make your very own cleaning products, body care products and even how to utilise the oils in cooking. The classes are really relaxed, you will be welcomed into a lovely inclusive oily tribe and will be supported wholly on your oily journey by me.

See you on the flip side x Kate

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